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RF module have become quite popular due to the rapid growth of IOT across wide range of applications in Industrial, Consumer, Automotive, Healthcare, Smart Retail, Educational, and Agriculture etc.
An RF module, i.e., Radio Frequency Module is a small electronic device which combines devices, software and services that simplifies IoT and accelerates the digital transformation. It is essentially an embedded system which is used to communicate with another device wirelessly.
The RF modules are usually small in size and can be used as a standard component as it comes with proven hardware and software stack. It helps the IOT product designers to accelerate their designs without worrying about the complexity of the RF design and testing. RF modules can be interfaced with system controller through standard serial interfaces like UART, SPI or SDIO depending on the data rate and complexity of the system design.
Performance specifications for RF modules include sensitivity, output power, communication interface, operating frequency, measurement resolution, and maximum transmission distance or range.

RF module Applications

Some factors which should be considered while attempting to achieve the optimal range for RF applications are:
• Frequency
• Antenna and Cable Selection
• Antenna Height
The range and coverage also greatly depend on the line-of-sight access, physical obstacles, environmental factors etc.
The most common RF modules comes with a defined protocol for RF communications such as Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Zigbee or they may implement a proprietary protocol.
RF Module Xbee Sx
RF modules
Our broad portfolio of secure embedded RF modules connects your assets and workforces to the cloud via 4G, 5G and LPWA cellular networks. Easily embed cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GNSS technologies into products so you can quickly launch your IoT applications and accelerate deployment out-of-the-box without the need for additional programming.
Millennium supports as large portfolio of RF modules from various reputed suppliers whom we have closely worked with and their products we know and trust. The solutions are ready to be adopted, or we can help for customization of these products to meet required specifications for our customers. We have the in-house expertise to guide our customers through every step of the electronics product development journey, product idea to proof of concept and from prototype to mass production.
With our global reach, deep vertical expertise, and long-term partnerships, you can rely on Millennium to help meet your business goals.
Applications: Telematics, Vehicle Tracking, Smart city, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Smart Metering, Building Automation, Home Automation, Smart lighting, Video Surveillance.
Product Supplier
RF Module Digi International, Semtech, Nordic Semiconductor, Panasonic, AVX Corporation
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