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Hall Effect Sensor

Discover Next-Level Hall Effect Sensor Technology

A Hall Effect Sensor or a Hall Sensor detects the presence and magnitude of a magnetic field. It distinguishes between the positive and negative charge moving in the opposite direction. The magnetic field detected by the hall sensor is converted to the suitable analog or digital signal, which an electronic system, normally a motor control system, can read.

Some of the features of hall effect sensors include,
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Pre-programmable electrical angles and outputs
  • High-speed operations
  • Unlimited magnetic flux density
  • Supply voltage (in V): 4.5 to 6 V
  • Power supply current: 9 mA
  • Output resistance: 50 ohms
  • Output type: linear or on/off
  • Magnetic sensitivity (in Gs or T): at 5V – min: 0.75 mV/gauss – max 1.72 mV/gauss
  • Operating temperature: – 20°C to + 85°C
  • Unipolar or bipolar

Millennium Semiconductors is one of the leading distributors of premium quality hall sensors. We partner with various hall sensor suppliers such as ROHM, Melexis, and Infineon. Our extensive network, coupled with a broad product base make us a preferred hall sensor distributor in India. Here’s our hall sensor product base.


Melexis is accredited with introducing the world’s first programmable linear Hall IC, which enables field programmable functional characteristics like gain, offset, temperature coefficient of gain. The newest Hall ICs come with integrated microcontroller cores to develop a smarter sensor with ROM programmable algorithms for complicated signal processing in real time.

hall effect sensor


Programmable hall sensors to be assembled with a ferromagnetic core for current sensing up to 2,000 Amps.

  • MLX91219: 400kHz Conventional Hall current sensor IC with dual overcurrent detection
  • MLX91211: 40 kHz conventional Hall current sensor IC
  • MLX91217: 250 kHz Conventional Hall current sensor IC with improved diagnostics
  • MLX91207: 70 kHz Programmable Hall-effect current sensor IC with automotive protections
  • MLX91209: 250 kHz Hall current sensor IC with enhanced thermal and lifetime stability


Programmable hall-effect sensors that enable easier assembly with a lighter and smaller shield meant for current sensing up to 1,000 Amps.

  • MLX91216: 250 kHz IMC-Hall® current sensor with diagnostics
  • MLX91206: 70 kHz Programmable IMC-Hall® current sensor IC with automotive protections
  • MLX91205: 90kHz IMC-Hall® current sensor
  • MLX91208: 250 kHz IMC-Hall® current sensor IC with enhanced thermal and lifetime stability


  • Hall sensors with integrated current conductor and an in-built stray field immunity for currents up to 50 Amps.
  • DVK91220: Development Kit for MLX91220 and MLX91221
  • MLX91220: 0-50 A isolated 5 V integrated Hall current sensor
  • MLX91221: 0-50A isolated 3.3V integrated hall current-sensor


Omnipolar Detection Hall ICs

BU52001GUL, BU52011HFV, BU52021HFV, BU52015GUL, BU52025G, BU52053NVX, BU52054GWZ, BU52055GWZ, BU52056NVX, BU52061NVX, BD7411G

The omnipolar Hall ICs are magnetic switches that can operate both S-and N-pole, upon which the output goes from Hi to Low. In addition to regular single-output Hall ICs. ROHM offers a lineup of dual-output units with a reverse output terminal (active High).


  • Omnipolar detection
  • Micro power operation (small current using intermittent operation method) (BD7411G is excluded.)
  • Ultra-compact and thin wafer level CSP4 package (BU52054GWZ, BU52055GWZ)
  • Ultra-compact wafer level CSP4 package (BU52015GUL, BU52001GUL)
  • Ultra-Small outline package SSON004X1216 (BU52061NVX, BU52053NVX, BU52056NVX)
  • Ultra-Small outline package HVSOF5 (BU52011HFV, BU52021HFV)
  • Small outline package (BU52025G, BD7411G)
  • Line up of supply voltage
  • For 1.8V Power supply voltage (BU52054GWZ, BU52055GWZ, BU52015GUL, BU52061NVX, BU52053NVX, BU52056NVX, BU52011HFV)
  • For 3.0V Power supply voltage (BU52001GUL)
  • For 3.3V Power supply voltage (BU52021HFV, BU52025G) For 5.0V Power supply voltage (BD7411G)
  • Dual output type (BU52015GUL)
  • High ESD resistance 8kV (HBM) (6kV for BU52056NVX)

3D Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor

Infineon’s 3D magnetic sensors suit control elements, joysticks and e-meters (anti-tampering). Additionally, they are used in smart homes and industrial control applications. Besides, it is well-suited for low-power 3D magnetic automotive applications like indicators and gear shifters.

Infineon’s 3D hall sensor family is available in three different qualification levels for automotive, industrial and consumer markets. Here’s the list of Infineon’s 3D magnetic hall effect sensors we distribute.

TLE493D-A2B6/ TLE493D-W2B6 / TLE493D-P2B6: Automotive derivative (AEC-Q100 Qualified / ISO 26262 ready)

  • TLE493D-A1B6
  • TLE493D-A2B6
  • TLE493D-P2B6 A0
  • TLE493D-P2B6 A1
  • TLE493D-P2B6 A2
  • TLE493D-P2B6 A3
  • TLE493D-W2B6 A0
  • TLE493D-W2B6 A1
  • TLE493D-W2B6 A1
  • TLE493D-W2B6 A3

TLI493D-A2B6 / TLI493D-W2B6: Industrial derivative (JESD47 Qualified)

  • TLI493D-A2B6
  • TLI493D-W2BW A0
  • TLI493D-W2BW A1
  • TLI493D-W2BW A2
  • TLI493D-W2BW A3

TLV493D-A1B6: Consumer derivative (JESD47 Qualified)

  • TLV493D-A1B6
  • TLV493D-A2BW

Unisonic Technologies (UTC)

UTC is another leading supplier of Hall sensors worldwide. The company was incepted in 1990 and headquartered in 1990. We are one of the preferred Hall sensor distributors for Unisonic Technologies in India. We distribute the following for UTC across various parts of India.

Product Supplier
Hall Effect Sensor Melexis, ROHM, Infineon, UTC
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