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Throttle Position Sensor



Melexis have multiple hall effect IC. In automotive EV/ IC Engine segment multiple customers considering hall effect technology to position sense application. Most famous application is hand throttle position sensing. Melexis IC sense hand throttle rotation position and gives ratiometry Analog/ PMW/ SENT output. According to magnet position in front of sensor, output voltage can program using Melexis programmer GUI.

Beyond the engineering, performance, and regulatory-compliance aspects of handle throttle, there is the consideration of the various ways they are designed and arranged on a handlebar of vehicle.


  • Operating voltage is 5 volts.
  • Supported output modes: Analog(radiometric), PWM, SENT, SPC, PSI5.
  • Programmable linear transfer characteristic with multi points
  • No need external MCU. IC have inbuild EEPROM for programming purposes.
  • On chip signal processing for robust absolute position sensing
  • IC Package: SOIC-8 (DC) for Single channel, TSSOP-16 (GO) Dual channel (redundancy) output.
  • AEC-Q100 qualified.
  • IC Package: SOIC-8 (DC) for Single channel, TSSOP-16 (GO) Dual channel (redundancy) output.
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 85, -40 to 85, -40 to 125, -40 to 150, -40 to 160 degrees.
  • Required minimum magnetic field between 10 -70 mT, 20 to70 mT.


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