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The BLE mesh solution provisions and controls different nodes (Thingy 52) from nRF Mesh mobile application. This can be equipped with multiple Thingy 52 from Nordic.

OOB authentication can be used to complete the provisioning of each Thingy device. Each Thingy firmware carries 2 elements GenericOnOff server and GenericOnOff client. By using mobile app user can configure and control GenericOnOff server in each node.


  • Used nRF52832 based proto kit -Thingy 52
  • RGB Led on kit shows different status of each node.
  • Provision information stored and power reset does not make any changes.
  • Enabled OOB authentication for secure provisioning.
  • Each thingy can be configured Client, Sever or both.
  • Used nRF5 SDK for mesh 3.2.0, Thingy 52 SDK v2.1
  • Used proxy_server and proxy_client from Mesh SDK
  • nRF5 SDK 15.3 and softdevice s132 used.


BLE modules are ideally suited for building automation, sensor networks, asset tracking and other IoT solutions. The key application of BLE mesh is in Smart Home as well as Smart Lighting.