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Wiper Motor is also known as windshield or windscreen wiper motor. The wiper motor is the motor used to make the wipers work and keep the car windshield clean. It is the component that powers the windshield wipers. They are a part of the wiper system and is considered a car safety component. The front or rear windshield wiper motors is basically an assembly of metal and plastic components. High end cars use metal parts over plastic parts, which make them more durable. 

Wiper motors mostly differ in the gear arrangement, control mechanism, and transmission parts in their designs. Different types, makes and models of vehicles have different windscreen wiper configurations.  This means that there are a number of ways they can move. The different kinds of Windscreen Wipers are Pivot/radial – left hand drive, Pivot/radial – right hand drive, Sequential sweep, Single blade arm, Monoblade, Pantograph system, Dual windscreen wiper arms for two windscreens – pivoted at the top of the windscreen and Dual windscreen wiper arms for two windscreens – pivoted at the bottom of the windscreen.

Motor wiper was initially DC based. With the advancement of technology, BLDC based motor wipers are now more in demand. We have complete solution for BLDC based as well as DC based motor wipers and can cater to your complete BOM requirement from design to proto stages.

Applications of Wiper Motor

Some of the applications of Wiper Motor apart from being used in cars are:

  • Electric Wheel Chair
  • Rocking Chair
  • Robots
  • E-Bike Propulsion
Driver ICElmos, Melexis, Infineon
MOSFETTaiwan Semiconductors, ROHM, UTC, Infineon, YJ
InductorDelta, Chilisin
Shunt ResistorIsabellenhutte, ROHM
ConnectorAmphenol, GCT

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