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Circuit Protection

Circuit protection is used in electrical circuits to prevent short circuits, wire conductor overheating and electrical equipment damage due to other input regularities. Products range from circuit breakers to fuses and other overload and protection devices

Overcurrent protection is provided by circuit breakers or fuses which operate within specific limits, disconnecting the supply automatically when there is an overload or fault current (short circuit or earth fault). Overcurrent conditions arise from overloads or short circuits. An overload is a result of a faulty item, or too many items being connected to a circuit.

Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs)
ESD Protection Diodes
Circuit Breaker Accessories
Circuit Breakers
Fuses & Accessories
Gas Discharge Tubes
TVS – Transient Voltage Suppression
Surge Arrestors
ESD Suppressors
Electrical Distribution and Protection
Overcurrent Protection
Surge protection Modules
Thyristor Surge Protection Devices (TSPD)
TVS Diodes
Fuse Holders, Clips & Blocks
Protection Thyristors
ESD Protection & Diode Arrays
Resettable Fuses (PPTC) – Polyswitch & Polyfuse
Electronic Fuse
Fuse Holders, Clips & Blocks

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