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An amplifier is an electronic device that increases the voltage, current, or power of a signal. Amplifiers are used in wireless communications and broadcasting, and in audio equipment of all kinds. They can be categorized as either weak-signal amplifiers or power amplifiers.
Used to increase the power of a signal, amplifiers comprise multiple types, including power, transistor, operational, fully differential, video, microwave and more. Applications for amplifiers are varied but are normally used in Audio and Video applications. One can find amplifiers to boost or amplify the signal to a consumable level.

Auto Amplifiers and Comparators
Video Amplifiers
Special Purpose Amplifiers
Instrumentation Amplifiers
Low Noise Amplifiers
Variable Gain Amplifiers
Differential Output Amplifiers
Operational / General Purpose Amplifiers
High Speed Amplifiers
Programmable Gain Amplifiers
Signal Conditioners
Multimedia Amplifier
GPS Amplifiers
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