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Millennium is Authorized Distributor for ss-magnet


Southern Strong Magnet Industry Co.,Ltd is a dynamic pioneer of magnetic material industry,specializing in manufacturering raw materials of NdFeB magnet, various magnets,magnetic assemblies and providing magnetic solutions.
Established in 1993,our factory covers 133,500 square meters and construction area 83,000 square meters in Jiangsu and Ningbo,Zhejiang province,over 230 employees,invests 400 million,annual output of Pr-Nd raw material 6,000 tons,Dy raw material 3,000tons, the annual output of NdFeB magnet 3,000tons and the dynamic annual sales of about 600 million.
As one of the leading professional magnetic manufacturer of raw material of NdFeB magnet and magnetic products,Southern Strong Magnet has the whole chain industries to make high quality magnets and magnetic products based on competitive prices,which is our core advantage.

Product Range

NdFeB Magnet
SmCo Magnet
AINiCo Magnet
Ferrite Magnet
Magnetic Assembly