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Millennium is Authorized Distributor for Qixing


Founded in 1994, Zhejiang Qixing Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing group company focusing on high-end capacitor products. On November 8, 2019, the company was restructured into a joint-stock limited company based on the original Zhejiang Qixing Capacitor Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Zhejiang Qixing Electronics Co., Ltd.
The company’s main products are capacitor materials, polyester film capacitors, polypropylene film capacitors, safety capacitors, starting capacitors, new energy DC support filter capacitors, etc. The sales network is all over the world, and has been sold in Los Angeles, South Korea, and Pune, India. Set up regional warehousing and sales service centers

Product Range

X2 Capacitor
Polyester Film Capacitor
Polypropylene Film Capacitor