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Millennium is Authorized Distributor for Azoteq


Founded in South Africa in 1998, Azoteq is a semiconductor design and manufacturing company with offices in USA, China, Taiwan with its head office located in South Africa. Azoteqs key competency are in capacitive touch, inductive sensing, hall rotation, custom track/touch pads module design & manufacturing on FPC/FR4, incorporating various hybrid sensing technology in a single package,with over 24 years of continuous efforts and innovation, Azoteq has overcome many technical problems that its peers still face. Azoteq products has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, small external influence, long sensing distance, high recognition accuracy, the company provides solutions for consumer application specializing in wearable, hearable, pc peripherals, personal care, SAR applications, strong emphasis on the Industrial market, IOT, small & large appliances CIUs, door lock and touch switches for every day uses, solutions for non-ITO touch screens/3D touch screens, specializing in providing solutions for inductive push/rotation buttons and hall rotation application.