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24 Nov, 22

Magnetic-Based Reed Switch Sensors for OEM Consumer Electronics


If you are an OEM consumer electronics manufacturer looking out for a distributor for the reed switches from the best reed switches manufacturer across the globe, you’ve come to the right place! Millennium Semiconductors, the leading reed switch distributor in India, is here to serve your reed switch product needs. Accordingly, this blog puts light on some aspects relating to magnetic-based reed switch sensors for OEM consumer electronics.

Consumer electronics is a highly dynamic space that demands the best and the latest components to ensure optimal efficiency and performance. The result of such ever-evolving demands is the need for magnetic-based reed switch sensors, actuators, bare reeds, and switches for actuation, switching, fail-safe backup switch, internal circuitry operations monitoring, switching off and on of mobile phones, notebooks, computers, etc.

Features of Reed Switch Sensors

Millennium Semiconductors partners with a couple of the best reed switches manufacturers, such as Hamlin (Littelfuse) and PIC. The reed switches are prompt in action and ensure high-reliability performance. Hence, they are preferred by OEM consumer electronics manufacturers worldwide. Some features of reed switches include,

– Prompt response owing to the small mass of moving components

– The switches are hermetically sealed within a glass tube with inert gas and aren’t impacted by the external atmospheric environment

– Compact in size and lightweight

– The structure of the switch sensors features operating parts and coaxially arranged electrical circuits

– The switches comprise a permanent magnet, and hence they easily become proximity switches

The switches are available in SPST, along with a selection of NO or NC contacts and SPDT configurations. Additionally, the variety of reed materials with different sensitivities and wattages, coupled with the broad array of material choices that include Celcon, Celanex, Epoxy, and Valox, make them an excellent choice.

Now, what about applications that demand custom magnetic reed switches? There’s an answer to this question as well. Custom magnetic reed switch actuators are available with a range of permanent magnets and switch mating. It includes custom molded magnets configured to fulfill user-specific mounting and functional needs. Besides, there exist several wires and cable options, and threaded, snap lock, weather-sealed, and lug connectors.

Why Are Reed Switches Such a Popular Option?

Reed switches are a popular option owing to the following,

– ESD insensitivity

– Need for negligible operational power

– Hermetically sealed contacts

– Availability of a wide range of sensitivity ranges

– Require only two wires, compared to solid-state devices requires three wires

– Economic non-touch switching solution

– A lower voltage drop than semiconductors

Millennium Semiconductors – The Leading Distributor of Top-Quality Reed Switches

Pune-based Millennium Semiconductor is a 25-year-old leading reed switch distributor in India. The company partners with leading reed switches manufacturers such as Hamlin (Littelfuse) and PIC to provide access to the best reed switch sensors to its clients from the OEM consumer electronics manufacturing industry. 

The company’s distribution capabilities, global presence, approach to distributing only the best products provide prompt distribution services, and the assurance of continual innovation make it a distinct distribution partner. So, if you’ve been in search of the best reed switch distributors across India, partner with Millennium Semiconductors. For more details, or to connect with the company’s experts, call +91 8308838961 or write on