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24 Nov, 22

How Is The BLDC Motor Controller Preferable Over The Conventional DC Ones


Selecting the right motor controller, is the key to the smooth optimal functioning of the end application. Different types of motor controllers are available. The right fit will ensure multiple seen and unseen benefits.

With the onset of not just individuals but also corporates are becoming environment conscious across the globe. We often associate efficiency level to the consumption of energy of the end user; but more than that it should be the technique in which it is generated.

Motors: The Dominant Consumers of Electrical Energy

80% of electrical energy consumption in the industry segment are by motors. As stated by IEA, the leading drivers of worldwide electricity demand growth are motors in industry (will cross over 30% of the entire total growth to 2040)”. Around us, we see various motors in our daily life with a range of applications; from domestic to industrial to automotive. The energy consumption by these motors varies depending on the type of technology and require different levels of consumption of power. Selecting of the motor and its driver plays a crucial role in the power consumption of the final product, creating an impact on environment – lowering the carbon, air pollution, water pollution and maintaining the green movement.

Various technologies are developed and available for motors; of which brushless DC (BLDC) motor which fares better than most other conventional motors in all the above areas.

Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors: A Sustainable Choice

BLDC motor, an electronically commuted motor takes in DC voltage and internally converts it into pulsating DC with least amount of energy loss. BLDC motor which are sensor-less, helps to reduce the required extra external hardware and also makes it easier to design.

A brushless motor needs a motor controller which switches the power to the coils at the right times to keep the motor turning. The motor does not do anything useful without a brushless motor controller.

BLDC Motor and Controller Has Major Advantage Over Conventional Motors Such As 

• High efficiency level

• Less power consumption

• Longer life due to brushless construction

• Lower maintenance

• Low noise and vibrations

• Less heating

• Power factor correction

So, Using BLDC Motor With Controller is Environment Friendly and Has Many Applications Like:

• Fans, pumps and blowers

• Industrial & Domestic motor pump

• LiDar Drones

• Home appliances like washing machine, vacuum cleaner, scrubber machine, compressors, dryers, fans

• Automotive applications like washer pump, fuel pump, oil pump, HVAC,

• Electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and electric bicycles

• Aerospace

• Manufacturing

Using IoT, with AI / ML, with various algorithms further reduces the energy consumption of the motors. This will be more effective where there are continuous operations/ long period usage of home refrigerators, cold storage warehouses, pharmaceuticals, agricultural firms and certain manufacturing processes.

Selection of motors in your product has an impact not just on your final product but also on the global environment. Altogether, it is easy to say using BLDC motors is your best option for consuming minimum energy, expecting high efficiency level, low power consumption and exceptional controllability.

Millennium Semiconductors: Your Partner in Sustainable Solutions

In such areas, Millennium Semiconductors is very conscious and supports customers in the design of BLDC Motor Driver enabling IoT and providing suitable solutions. Millennium Semiconductors is a 25-year-old authorized distributor of electronic components of 60+ suppliers & catering to various segments such as Automotive, Lighting, Consumer, Industrial, Power, Medical, IoT, Defence amongst others. Their R&D team works with their customers & suppliers to develop solutions and provides the best in-class services. Working on the latest technologies with the best in class suppliers.

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