Complete solution for Nuvoton based VA meter using Nuvoton MS51FB9AE microcontroller. 

VA meter is widely used in agricultural sector for pump control. VA meters are essentially used for process control equipment. The Nuvoton MS51FB9AE microcontroller is used in VA meter amongst other solutions such as timer, counter, panel meter, flow meter. 


  • Single and double display VA meter
  • Capacitive power supply -
  1. In V-Range 90V-500V
  2. In C-Range 0-50Amp
  • Accuracy Voltage: 99% throughout Voltage
  • Accuracy Current: 99% throughout Current
  • Auto Calibration Mode
  • Compact design with no jumper
  • Cost effective
  • Complete solution for PCBA


MS51FB9AE Features
  • 8-bit 1TMCU with 16Mhz max frequency
  • 12-bit ADC to provide Ac voltage and Current sensing
  • 4- 16bit timers
  • 17 GPIOS 1 input only in 20 Pin package -TSSOP20