Sensors being devices that detect quantities like pressure, temperature, light, heat, motion, vibration, fluidity, position, moisture or any other events or changes in environment; convert them into electrical signals to make them measurable. We receive this information through electronic devices with various kinds of sensors in them. The mantra adopted by the sensors industry in general is smaller, faster and cheaper solutions. In the world of electronics, the application of sensors in devices has made IoT an intelligent system as well as enhanced automation. Different technologies include Biosensors, LiDAR sensors, Sensor Fusion, ADAS, Smart sensors, Photonic Sensors, Gesture Recognition, Large area sensors, Energy Harvesting and Electronic Skin/ Skinput. We cater to all segments for sensors- Automotive, Lighting, Industrial, Consumer, Defence, IoT, Medical, etc. Millennium Semiconductors, an electronic components distributor, has multiple lines for all types of sensors as well as sensor-based solutions.

Humidity Sensor

Temperature Sensor

CO2 Sensor

IR Sensor


Temperature Sensors - Millennium Semiconductors India
Humidity Sensor - Millennium Semiconductors India
CO2 Sensor - Millennium Semiconductors India

LF Automotive Sensor, Magnetic Sensor, Temperature Sensors
Melexis Position Sensor ICs, Current Sensor ICs, Temperature Sensor ICs, Optical Sensor ICs, Pressure Sensor ICs, Speed Sensor ICs
Infineon Magnetic Sensor, Current Sensor, Pressure Sensor, CO2 Sensor, Radar Sensor
Elmos Ultrasonic Distance IC, Sensor Signal Processor IC, Optical IR Sensor IC, Smoke Detector IC, Passive Infrared IC
MPS Angular Position Sensors, Current Sensors
ROHM Hall ICs, Ambient Light Sensor ICs, Optical Proximity Sensor ICs, Temperature Sensor ICs, Amplifier for Human Body Detector, Capacitive, Switch Control ICs, Touch Screen Control ICs, MEMS Sensors, Optical Sensors (Module Sensors)
Amphenol Temperature Sensors, Pressure Sensors, CO2, Humidity &Dust Sensors
Bosch Acceleration Sensor, Angular Rate Sensor, Inertial Sensor, Pressure Sensor
UTC Capacitive Touch Sensor
TE Connectivity Automotive Sensor, Digital Component Sensor, Flow Sensor, Fluid Property Sensor, Force Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Mass Airflow Sensor, Multi-sensor Module, Photo-optic Sensor, Piezo Film Sensor, Position Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Rate & Inertial Sensor, Speed Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Torque Sensor, Traffic Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Vibration Sensor, Water-level Sensor
Nicera Infrared Sensor, Pyroelectric IR Sensor, Thermopile Sensor
HJP Gas Sensor, PIR Sensor, LDR Photoresistor, Temperature & Humidity Sensor
PIC Reed Sensor, Level Sensor, Hall Sensor
Taiwan Semi Hall Effect Sensor
Everlight IR Sensor
DB Products Ultrasonic: Asymmetric Ultrasonic Sensor, Symmetric Ultrasonic Sensor, Open Structure Ultrasonic Sensor, Shock Sensor, Ultrasonic Atomizing Transducer

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