OB3635 is an offline LED lighting controller with high power factor, low THD and high Constant Current (CC) precision.

A. Input Parameters
Input Voltage Range: 150 - 265 Vac
Input Rated Voltage: 240 Vac
System Power: 60 - 95 Watt  (while considering 85% efficiency)
Power Factor: >0.95 PF
Total Harmonic Distortion Athd: <10 %
Rated Frequency: 50 Hz
B. Output  Parameters
No load Voltage: 85-90 Vdc
Load Voltage: 60-80 Vsc
Load Current: 700 -1000 mA
Output Power: 42-80 Watt
Driver Efficiency ( ? ): =85%
C. Protections
Output Short Circuit Protection: Yes
Voltage Surge (L-N): 4 kV
Voltage Surge (L-E): 4 kV
Voltage Surge (N-E): 4 kV
Input Under Voltage Protection: At  100V ±10V (Auto Recovery at 130V ±5V )
Input Over Voltage Protection: At  310V ±5V (Auto Recovery at 300V ±5V )
C. Dimension and Product Photoghraph
LxWxH 127x55x38mm