2 Wheeler LED-based Head Lamp

Ultra low cost, reliable lighting buck boost, simple buck and CCR based LED lamp driver solutions by Millennium Semiconductors

  • Input Voltage-9.5Vdc-12Vdc
  • Output Voltage-10Vdc
  • Switching Frequency – Wide frequency range
  • LED Specification-for-HB-6Leds & LB- 4 Leds
  • Suitable for 18-watt driver for 2wh & 3wh and EVs
  • High beam lo beam control, DRL function option available
  • Output Current Requirement -For HB -480mA & LB-380mA 
  • Automotive qualification


  • Wide 4V-to-36V Operating Input Range
  • High-Efficiency Synchronous Mode Operation
  • Fault Indication for LED Short, Open and Thermal Shutdown
  • Over-Current Protection (OCP) with Valley Current Detection
  • Thermal Shutdown

Product Supplier
LED Driver MPS, Elmos, Infineon, Taiwan Semiconductors
Diode HB, Taiwan Semiconductors, YJ
Zener Diode Panjit, YJ
MOSFET Taiwan Semiconductors, ROHM, UTC
Inductor Delta, Chilisin
LED Samsung, Dominant
Resistor ASJ, Walsin
Capacitor AVX, Rubycon
TVS Diode Littelfuse, AVX

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